US President Sites Tour – Visiting the John F Kennedy Historic Sites

This is among a series of travelogue articles spotlighting historic sites dedicated to American presidents. Each of our past presidents has at least one site in their honor, and several are major places of interest. Let’s take a closer look in the two sites honoring our 35th president, John F. Kennedy…

Kennedy Historic Sites Overview
President Kennedy was born in Massachusetts, so it will be fitting both of the historic sites dedicated to him are located inside the state. Long an important family not simply locally but nationally, the Kennedy family has deep roots in Massachusetts, extending even now.
The two sites open to the population include the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and the John F. Kennedy Historic Site, which can be his boyhood home. The library and museum complex is located in Boston, as the boyhood home is in nearby Brookline.
Kennedy Presidential Museum

The museum complex is found on Columbia Point, on Boston’s waterfront. The striking and spacious building holds three theaters well as over two dozen multimedia exhibits detailing the Kennedy years as well as the events of the early 1960’s. Stroll across the nine acre park either before or after your visit and relish the invigorating seaside air amidst pine trees, wild roses, and landscaped grounds. There is also a striking view from the harbor and the downtown Boston skyline.

Upon entering, there is an introductory film to see, narrated with the president himself as they discusses his early a number of entry into politics. Permanent exhibits include overviews with the major initiatives from the administration, including the Peace Corps, space program, and renovation from the White House.

The Kennedy household is also spotlighted, including an expansive gallery committed to the First Lady and then Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Major events with the administration are points, especially the Cuban missile crisis along with the genesis with the Civil Rights movement.

Visiting The President’s Boyhood Home
Located over a tree lined street in Brookline, the Kennedy birthplace is open for tours seasonally and closed in the wintertime. This house is the place that the president spent his boyhood years, as well as a number of his siblings. Rose Kennedy returned to reside in 1967 coupled with the house restored to its original appearance. Two years later, she donated the house towards the National Park Service on behalf of the American people.

National Park Service rangers conduct guided tours from the home. Visitors can view an accumulation original furniture, photographs, and mementos from your Kennedy family. Self guided tours can also be found, as is also a weekly walking tour of the neighborhood which highlights many of John F.

Visiting both the President Kennedy historical sites is an ideal part of a Boston area tour agenda. Both the museum and boyhood home are crucial places where highlight the life and career of considered one of America’s most beloved presidents.

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